Friday, February 06, 2015


with thanks (and apologies) to William Shakespeare for the rhymes

Source: David Fedele

Wish I could show you all that I have seen;
Wish I could make you see it through my eye:
You only wish to see horizons green –
I am the scars that track your alchemy.
Across my space I've felt you rise and ride,
Blazing your dust-heeled story on my face,
Until there is no place here left to hide
From all the littered signs of your disgrace.

I have no cause to make me blow and shine –
It’s you who favour combat, brow to brow
Or drone to drone – I take no sides but mine;
I play by rules that you’ve ignored; so now
That time is up, do not fear my disdain:
I will survive you, though I wear your stain.

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